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THE gay destination in the south of Spain

The gay neighbourhood of La Nogalera is the LGBTQ + destination on the Costa del Sol

The city of Torremolinos is located just over 10 kilometres west of Málaga. Today, it’s the most popular gay destination on the Costa del Sol and one of the most popular in Europe. In the 70s already, a wind of freedom blew over the city thanks to the arrival of many artists, intellectuals and hippies of all kinds. The city is bordered by a sandy beach and the gay neighbourhood stretches from the city centre to Bajondillo beach. The atmosphere is festive, colourful and ultra gay friendly. A change of scenery and a guaranteed fiesta for all partygoers.

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Torremolinos is a city of around 70,000 inhabitants ideally located 10 minutes drive from Malaga – Costa del Sol airport. It is very well served by many airlines. Separated from the city of Malaga since 1988, it has become a hotspot for LGBTQ+ tourists. The gay neighbourhood is located right in the city centre, covering the entire La Nogalera district all the way to Bajondillo gay beach. There are many restaurants, bars, clubs and saunas that meet the expectations of the gay community.

Originally a small fishing village, Torremolinos quickly became a major tourist destination from the 1970s to the 1980s. Many personalities, aristocrats and foreigners who stay there on vacation give it a tolerant and cosmopolitan side. Thanks to this open-mindedness, it has become a very popular destination for the gay clientele. Today, it’s the main LGBTQ+ destination on the Costa del Sol with many festivals held throughout the year.

Spain is now unanimously recognized as one of the countries in the world with the greatest tolerance towards LGBTQ+ people. Many years of hard work and a very open-minded population make it a first-class gay destination. Gay marriage has been allowed there since 2005 and it’s one of the first countries in the world to have legalized it.

The currency is the Euro. For citizens of the European Union, Switzerland or a member country of the European Economic Area, a national identity card or passport is sufficient, as Spain is a member of the Schengen Area.

For travellers coming from Canada but also from the USA, Australia, etc. there is an agreement with the EU and you are exempt from visa requirements for stays not exceeding 90 days. However, please note that during 2022, you will have to obtain your ETIAS before your departure. This is an electronic travel authorisation that must be done online before the trip, which will cost €7 and will give access to the Schengen area. Here is the link for more information: ETIAS.

All your gay places in Torremolinos

Eden Copas (c/Nogalera, 4). Gay design bar with a nice terrace, a dance area and a small stage. Fairly young clientele.

El Gato Lounge (Paseo de Maritimo). Gay restaurant with a very well placed bar as it’s right in front of the gay beach.

Vanilla Cafe (Plaza de la Nogalera). It’s a good location because it’s right at the gates of the gay district. Fast food, coffee and other beverages.

Vida Bar (c/Danza Invisible, 1). Gay bar known for its excellent service with an ultra friendly staff.

Caffè Venice (Plaza de la Nogalera). Gay café-bar very well located with a nice terrace.

Eden Beach Club (Paseo de Maritimo Torremolinos, 1K). Very well known place on Playa del Bajondillo. It’s a beach restaurant-bar with a very relaxed atmosphere.

Boomerang (Pueblo blanco, Plaza de los tientos, 3). Gay bar with a good atmosphere quietly located in a small square with a fountain.

Arcos Bar (c/Danza Invisible, 8). Gay bar reknowned for its excellent cocktails and low prices.

Bacchus Bear (Plaza de la Unión Europea). Gay lounge bar with a bear clientele.

Codigo (c/Nogalera). Popular gay bar in Torremolinos with a relatively young clientele and show nights.

Chessa Bar (c/Danza Invisible). A small gay bar frequented by rather mature regulars.

Ritual Copas (c/Nogalera). Gay bar with a very young clientele and a dance floor.

Hummingbird Copas (c/Danza Invisible, 3). Colourful gay bar-pub, young clientele, outdoor terrace and possibility to dance indoors.

Cesar Bar (Urbanización La Nogalera, 509). Gay bar with mixed clientele 30-40 years old, mature and bear.

Morbos Show (Paseo Jesús Santos Rein, 6). Bar-cabaret with stage and drag shows.

Hakuna Matata (La Nogalera, Plaza del Pozo, 19). Nice bar in the gay district of Torremolinos with excellent homemade tapas.

Copas Babel bar (c/Danza Invisible, 4). Gay cocktail-wine bar with a slightly older clientele.

Centuryon (c/Casablanca, 15). Popular gay nightclub in Torremolinos with a rather young clientele. Beautiful stage and evening shows.

Parthenon (c/Nogalera, 715). Gay disco club with very good atmosphere on 2 floors. Young clientele. Cruising zone.

Aqua Club Gay Torremolinos (c/Nogalera, 710). Big popular gay club in Torremolinos, very popular with young clientele. Cruising zone.

Bajondillo Gay Beach

This is THE most popular gay beach in Torremolinos with the gay bars Edén Beach Club(hence the nickname Eden Beach) and El Gato Lounge (hence the nickname Gato Beach) nearby. It is very easy to get there in a few minutes on foot from the gay district of Nogalera. You can’t miss the beach since you can hear the music and the atmosphere from far away.

Bar Cruising Gay Torremolinos:

Men’s Bar (c/de la Nogalera, 4). Popular gay bar with basement cruising area. Mostly frequented by a mature clientele.

Alcatraz Men’s Club (Plaza de Andalucia, Pje. de Pizarro). Gay fetish cruising bar.

Cuero Cruising Club(c/Nogalera, 21). Small bear & fetish cruise bar.

Exxxtreme Cruising Club(c/Santos Arcángeles, 6). Cruising bar well located, good atmosphere.

Free-Eagle (c/ Invisible Danza, 4). 100% authentic cruising bear bar.

Querell(av. Carlota Alessandri, 146). Cruising club. Located further south of the gay neighbourhood, so a bit out of the way.

Gay Sauna Torremolinos:

Apolo Sauna Torremolinos (av. Carlota Alessandri, 105). It’s a unique concept because it’s a gay sauna with atmosphere and cabaret show so there is a very interesting mix between the 2 worlds.

Postponed / New : from 8 to 13 October 2021 (Initially from 5 to 10 May 2021)

Delice Dream 10th Anniversary. Already well known for its gay tours in other European cities, the 2021 season of Delice Dream will start in Torremolinos. Visit Delice Dream for more information. Do not miss !

May 30 to June 6, 2021 (upcoming restrictions)

The gay pride of Torremolinos should once again gather more than 30000 participants for this new edition!

The most used applications in this region of Spain are Grindr, Scruff and Tinder. During summer, don’t forget PlanetRomeo which is widely used by Germans and Austrians.

La Nogalera gay district in Torremolinos

The Costa del Sol in video

Video source: You Tube – Visit Costa del Sol Official – 1 July 2020. Photo credit : under license / photographe : colorsphotostock.

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