Gay Cruises

What is the best gay cruise in 2022?

Gay cruises are becoming more and more popular! Popular for many years with American customers, gay cruises are now more and more requested by Europeans. We will help you to fully understand the different offers available on the market between 100% gay cruises, gay groups on regular ships, private cruises on yachts or sailboats and international cruises targeting LGBTQ+ customers.

What are the different types of gay cruises?

It is quite simple, the boat is entirely dedicated to the gay clientele. The market leader is Atlantis, which privatizes the most prestigious ships such as the Oasis of The Seas of Royal Caribbean International. For Atlantis’ 30th anniversary in January 2022, over 5,500 gay men from all over the world will spend 7 fun-filled days in the Caribbean with entertainment and concerts on board. Other operators are also on the market and there are 100% gay cruises of all sizes. You will find all the details further down in the article.

This is another type of gay cruise that is becoming more and more popular. Organized by LGBTQ+ tourism professionals who are often part of the trip themselves, this formula has the advantage of being private as the groups are reduced from 6 to 30 people. This allows you to be close to the cruise guests and to have access to remote places, which is impossible on a large cruise ship. These gay cruises are often aboard catamarans, yachts or sailboats. This is the perfect choice if you want to go with your own group or if you are travelling solo and want to be sure to have a human-sized experience.

This formula is developing more and more. Instead of privatizing an entire cruise ship, which is a huge investment, some companies specialize in putting together “gay groups” on regular cruises. There are several advantages to this option: more choice in terms of destinations, dedicated and reserved areas, concerts or entertainment reserved for the group according to the number of participants. You will find more details below in the article as well as a list of the major providers of such packages.

Major international cruise lines are keen to attract LGBTQ+ customers and most of them are already renting out their ships to the big names involved in all-gay cruising for special events. Well aware of this, these big players now offer well-targeted services to attract LGBTQ+ customers on their regular routes. Examples include the LGBTQ+ Welcome Parties, open to all passengers and the same- sex marriages offered by the giant Celibrity Cruises. More information in the dedicated section below.

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All-Gay Cruises

Atlantis Events

World leader in all-gay cruises with over 25,000 passengers per year. Specialist in the chartering of large ships with thousands of participants. Big animations on board.

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A renowned name in the LGBTQ+ cruise market for 35 years and now with over 100,000 passengers to its credit.

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The last born but not the least as VACAYA has great ambitions. In addition to cruises, the company offers gay stays in private resorts.

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Source Events

High quality LGBTQ+ tour operator with 20 years experience that also offers cruises. Specializing in human-sized gay travel groups and the discovery of unique places.

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Brand G

For over 10 years, Brand G has been providing a premium experience, whether it be for its cruises or its expeditions all over the world.

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Out Adventures

LGBTQ+ travel agency operating since 2009. Specialising in small groups and personalised trips around the world.

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The Cruise by La Demence

The Cruise by La Demence is the reference for European gay cruises. Organized once a year by La Demence, a major promoter of gay parties in Europe.

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LGBTQ+ tour operator that organizes river cruises during events such as European gay prides but also sea cruises in Europe and Asia.

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Intimate gay cruises

GaySail & GayNudeSail

Specializing in gay cruises in small groups, mostly on sailboats off the coast of Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, the Caribbean or Thailand. Also offers exclusive naturist cruises.

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Gay Armada

Organises gay cruises on a beautiful catamaran to the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea.

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Sailor Dudes

Organises gay naturist cruises for small groups or personalised trips to Greece, Croatia, the Caribbean or Thailand.

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Everything To Sea

Dave Power and Maximillian Strauss welcome you in a relaxed and naturist atmosphere, in small groups, for gay cruises in one of their sailboats. You don’t like groups? Benefit from the “Your Private Jouney” concept and the hosts will be reserved exclusively for you!

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Coda Tours is a travel agency specializing in small groups, luxury travel, and personalized offerings for LGBTQ+ clientele. Even though this is not their core product, they also offer cruises.

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Two Bad Tourists

Do you like David and Auston’s gay travel blog? They also organize their own gay cruises with human-sized groups. Join them in 2022 in Greece and Croatia.

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Saltyboys organizes gay cruises in small groups on yachts and catamarans, all over the world. You can also find naturist cruises with a superb atmosphere on board.

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Gay Sailing Greece

Specializing in gay cruises in Greece with human-sized yachts. We particularly like the 7-day cruises between Athens and Mykonos.

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Holiday Pride

LGBTQ+ travel agency that runs its own gay cruises off the coast of Croatia, with a 19-cabin yacht.

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Happy Gay Travel

Gay travel specialist that organizes cruises off the coast of Croatia in a 19-cabin yacht that can accommodate up to 38 passengers.

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Gay groups on board

Piper Travel foot

LGBTQ+ travel specialist that has been around for 29 years. Organizes gay groups all over the world aboard beautiful ships such as the Symphony Of The Seas, the Celebrity Apex or the Queen Mary 2.

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HE Travel

HE Travel is a large LGBTQ+ travel agency that offers mostly adventure tours but also cruises.

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BearCruise is the gay travel specialist for bears. They offer holiday packages in partnership with Vacaya, but above all cruises aboard beautiful ships departing from Miami, Hawaii, Vancouver or Los Angeles.

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Redefinition by TravelGay

Gay group on board organized by Italian LGBTQ+ tour operator TravelGay. For May 2022, Redefinition Cruise offers you a departure from Savona with stops in Marseille and Barcelona, aboard the Costa Favolosa.

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R Family Vacations

Specializing in LGBTQ+ family travel, with or without kids. For those who wish, they now also offer cruises for adults only.

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R Family Cruises Logo

Aquafest Cruises

Aquafest Cruises is a US travel agency that has been offering LGBTQ+ travel groups since 2001.

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Adam Martindale, a travel agent specializing in cruise planning, also offers gay groups on board. Next departure is September 2022 in Greece, aboard the Celestyal Experience.

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The big cruisers

Celebrity Cruises

One of the most gay-friendly cruise lines. In 2017, Celebrity Cruises was the first company to perform legally recognised gay marriages aboard its ships. Winner of numerous awards recognizing the LGBTQ+ openness.

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Azamara Club Cruises

Azamara operates 3 ships with a capacity of 690 passengers. We really like the culture immersion scheme, which gives travellers more time during the stopovers. Ideal for gay groups, the cruise line is very welcoming to LGBTQ+ customers.

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Princess Cruises

Princess Cruise (best known for the American series The Love Boat) is a cruise line committed to LGBTQ+ rights. Its ships are often chartered by specialized tour operators and companies with gay groups on board.

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Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean International is a leading LGBTQ+ friendly cruise line. Operating very large liners, some of them, like the famous Oasis of the Seas, are chartered and privatized by the big names in 100% gay-only cruising.

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Virgin Voyages

Richard Branson’s cruise line is undoubtedly one of the most committed to LGBTQ+ rights with its ship Scarlet Lady and its very queer staff.

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Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Corp. is one of the most committed groups to LGBTQ+ rights with its parent brand, but also with all its subsidiaries, many of which are presented here. Its boats are very often booked by organizers of “gay groups on board”.

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Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line is a major LGBTQ+ friendly cruise line. Its ships are frequently used for gay group cruises or even privatized for 100% gay events.

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Holland America Line

Holland America Line is an LGBTQ+ friendly cruise line offering cruises with a more classic, yet comfortable approach and a modern twist.

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Costa Cruises

Costa specializes mainly in Mediterranean cruises aboard large liners. Its ships are used by organizers of “gay groups on board”.

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Disney Cruise Line

How can we not mention Disney Cruise Line, which is very popular with LGBTQ+ travellers who want an experience that takes you back to the Disney universe.

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Cunard Line

Cunard Line is a luxury cruise line, subsidiary of Carnival, with an LGBTQ+ friendly approach.

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MSC Cruises

MSC Cruise is an LGBTQ+ friendly cruise line and some of its ships have already been chartered for gay travel groups.

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How to choose your future gay cruise?

As you can see, there is a lot of choice in the world of gay cruising, whether you are travelling alone, as a couple or in a group. You have already taken a classic cruise and would like to discover new options? You have never been away and you would like to have advice from a travel professional to organize your future gay cruise? Have you seen an interesting package from a major cruise line and want to make a reservation? Click below and you will be taken to my travel agent page.

A selection of the best gay cruises

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