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How else can you define a country as large as the United States except by its diversity? Whether it is geographical, cultural or historical, the USA will blow your mind. The destinations we propose are located in advanced states in terms of LGBTQ+ rights such as Massachusetts and New York on the East Coast, or California in the West. In this country of nearly 330 million inhabitants, home to successive generations of immigrants since the 15th century, there will always be a very tolerant and protective part of the population towards visible minorities, and a more conservative part. Fly to the United States and live your own “American Dream”!

General information about the United States

With nearly 330 million people, the United States is the most populous country in America and the third most populous in the world after China and India. The country is made up of 50 very diverse states. With nearly 40 million people, California has the largest population, followed by Texas with nearly 29 million. Each state has relatively strong autonomy of action. Most major cities in the country have a gay neighbourhood. The most gay-friendly destinations are mostly located in states that are very advanced for LGBTQ+ rights, such as Provincetown in Massachusetts, Fire Island, New York City in the state of the same name or of course San Francisco, Los Angeles or Palm Springs in California. We will also find Key West or Miami in Florida, even if the state is more conservative. But that’s not all, we’ll soon be offering destinations like Providence, Rhode Island, and many more.

Same-sex marriage has been legally recognized throughout the United States since June 26, 2015. But this struggle has not been easy. Disparity between states, that’s how one could describe LGBTQ+ people’s rights in the United States. Some, such as California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, Washington DC and New York, are very advanced on the subject, and have had laws in place for many years in favour of marriage, adoption or gender change. Others, more conservative like Texas, Alabama or Florida are further behind. Things are slowly but surely changing.

The currency is the US dollar. 10 Euros will give you approximately $12USD. For travelers from Canada, $10CAD will get you about $7.80USD.

To enter the United States, a biometric or electronic passport is required, regardless of your country of origin (even for Canadians or Mexicans). Check to see if the small chip symbol is present under the name “Passport”.

Citizens of the European Union, Switzerland and the United Kingdom must then make sure to complete an ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) application online. The cost is $14USD, which you can pay online. Be sure to apply on the official US government website: ESTA. The electronic authorization will be linked to your passport number for 2 years.

Canadian citizens (not valid for permanent residents) do not need an ESTA to travel to the United States. Only Canadians with a NEXUS card can use it instead of a passport.

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