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Why should you organize your trip with combines all of the available LGBTQ+ travel and event offerings, worldwide, on one unique website.

Our content is based on sound advice, relevant choices, good value for money and personal service.

100% new, 100% gay. We are just getting started, so we are gradually unfolding our features and offerings over the coming weeks and months.
Why does exist today?
The LGBTQ+ tourism market has been structured progressively for a few years and we are happy and proud to see that many LGBTQ+ blogs are really standing out and advising customers in an efficient way, each one with its own speciality or sensibility.

Travel, discover, meet new people, have a good time at the best price and in complete safety. There are now hundreds of travel sites and ticketing companies offering thousands of attractive offers, making it hard to know where to turn. Some offerings, because they fly the rainbow flag, claim to be “LGBT” but in the end, do not really take the necessary step back to have a real adapted positioning.

What was missing, for those seeking an LGBTQ+ experience, was a marketplace highlighting only suitable offerings and intentionally leaving out others. specializes in travel and events for LGBTQ+ people and all their friends. We offer you, in a simple way and on a single site, establishments that are clearly labelled as gay or gay-friendly and that do not hide it, organized trips dedicated to the community, events (festivals, prides, concerts, etc.), cruises and activities. All of this, exclusively in friendly destinations.
What does “Approved by Gogenko” mean?
We introduce accommodations, tour packages, event and activity ticketing. The selection is simple and based on 4 criteria:

1. Be a gay or gay-friendly establishment or organizer, favored by LGBTQ+ clientele (some may even have a special label from a gay travel organization like TAG Approved, etc.).

2. Be in a friendly and therefore open and tolerant destination, where showing affection to your partner in public would not be a problem.

3. Have all the necessary legal registrations to carry out the activity (especially in the case of tour operators).

4. At the time of booking, to be transferred to a secure and reliable interface, a guarantee of security for our customers.
Is my final reservation made on or on a different website?
Once you have made your final choice and when you finalize your reservation, you are transferred :

1. Directly on the merchant’s booking interface, in most cases. This gives you the guarantee of dealing directly with the final provider, and then benefiting from the best service in case of problems.

2. Directly on the interface of a serious and well known global reservation center like Comencia, Expedia or Ticketmaster.

3. Directly on in the case of events or trips organized by our own company (in Canada at first, then will be extended gradually).

4. Directly with Julien, owner of and holder of a travel agent's license allowing the sale of airline tickets, packages, cruises or personalized trips.

In case of a reservation on another website, the transfer is made in a clear and visible way, so that the user understands that he has changed website to finalize his order. You can find more information in our General Terms & Conditions.
I would like a personalized travel package, do you offer this type of service?
Yes, we do! More information in our “Customized travel” section that you can find at the bottom of our website.
Do you offer BnB accommodation?
No, will not offer home-stay accommodation (with a few exceptions when we have had special requests and/or atypical accommodation) with, in these particular cases, a direct link to the owner, without intermediary. If you want to support the community and travel on Bnb, visit which is the LGBTQ+ equivalent of leading Airbnb.
Does that mean your site is exclusively for LGBTQ+ customers?
And all their friends! This is our specialty and we are proud of it. To be able to bring together all the travel and event offerings from around the world in one place, for our LGBTQ+ clients and their friends.

Therefore, most of the establishments presented are hetero-friendly, as long as it is done in a respectful and tolerant manner. If a travel offer and/or establishment is reserved exclusively for gay customers, this is clearly specified in the description.
Do I get the best price?
Yes ! Our service is totally free of charge and you will benefit the best price available from the provider you have chosen to finalize your order. Some partners offer protection if you find cheaper elsewhere. For you, nothing changes because it is the merchant and/or the booking platform that pays us a small commission directly.

With, if you subscribe to our newsletter, you will also benefit from our promotional codes and partnerships with establishments around the world. This will also allow you to benefit of a better price or a special personalized offer, by booking directly on their website.